Oil And Gas

We have been working in the offshore and remote site catering consultancy industry assisting our clients with all aspects of catering and hotel services on offshore platforms, FPSOs, onshore offices, rigs and camp sites, refineries, gas plants and vessels in the marine sector. Over that time we have acquired a vast knowledge of the industry and our continued work in this field allows us to offer market leading and up to date advice to our clients.

We have a wealth of experience working globally. This industry knowledge allows us to share best practice with our clients such as compression of costs through fixed and inclusive man-day rates, standard food specifications within certain regions.

Our work scope for the offshore and remote sites industry is varied, and we are pleased to offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Reviews; value-for-money, financial, strategic, health and well- being.
  • Bid management; providing expert input into tender processes, from the writing of robust and up to date specifications and remuneration packages, to assisting in the evaluation of tender responses.
  • Auditing and monitoring; compliancy, financial assistance with contractor escalation, renegotiation requests including budget negotiation, development of key performance indicators and service level agreements.
  • Procurement; shopping basket price reviews, food specification development.
  • Training; food safety, nutrition, food allergens and intolerances, food and menu development, management development, customer service skills.
  • Food safety; development of compliance systems, mess, galley and stores auditing, supplier auditing, advice and policy formulation.