Industrial and Manufacturing

Whether you are looking to help manage existing manufacturing operations or looking to establish/build a new factory, we have the experience and the resources to assist you in both. We use proven, lean production concepts to create streamlined infrastructures – then methodically map these infrastructures to your buildings and equipment.

While process holds production together, it’s the people who make it work. To that end, we not only train your employees on process, we ensure they embrace the new lean production philosophies as well. The result is more than a working factory.

Our teams have a proven set of factory planning, construction and management services. Our expertise includes:

Worldwide Site Analysis and Selection

First, our industrial engineering consultants work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives. Then, we examine different countries and regions that best suit your needs. Next, we analyze local infrastructures, supplier networks,  job markets and present a number of top choices. In order to pinpoint the most advantageous locale, we perform systematic value-benefit and SWOT analyses, and examine the financial data. This includes capital value, costs for logistics and personnel, and available government incentives. Once the decision is made, we help you find the perfect real estate for your venture — whether it’s in the Americas, Middle east, Africa, India, China or Europe.

General Development and Master Plan

We review your company’s development and value stream in light of your business needs and your manufacturing, assembly, and logistics plans. Then we write exact specifications. Next, we create business and energy efficient building plans, keeping them flexible to accommodate your future growth. Using this factory planning approach, we help maximize your production efficiency, your investment security, and your ROI.

Feasibility Studies

With demand for multiple product variants steadily on the rise, production is becoming increasingly complex. That’s why we often perform comprehensive feasibility studies, and actually test how the integration of new products would affect your existing operation. Then we work to streamline your processes, optimize your supply chain, and improve your production efficiency. Using our proven, proprietary methodologies, we simplify production – and simultaneously extend your product line.

Factory Potential Analysis

A complete analysis of your current operations is critical. That’s why we use proven techniques to evaluate inventory, material, and production streams  in order to uncover areas of waste or inefficiency. After a comprehensive study of your current operation, we devise a set of factory planning recommendations, and develop a road map to successfully restructure and streamline your organization.

Rapid Factory Planning

When your employees buy into and engage in change, you’re set for future success. To that end, we focus on the human aspect while developing your factory infrastructure, and implement a people change management solution. Offering a series of workshops and training sessions to prepare your team members “just-in-time” for their new tasks, we help you to significantly shorten ramp-up time, and drive acceptance.

Process and Production Planning

Our team meticulously develops the infrastructure, layout and process necessary to streamline your operation. This includes comprehensive factory control concepts that are tailored to your needs and cover everything, from material flow, to logistics, to procurement.

Implementation and Production Ramp Up

Planning is the foundation of success. But it’s only during implementation that you see how the plan works in reality. That’s why our team works closely with your team providing support in  managing the entire approval process. This takes a tremendous burden off your business. And it puts the entire implementation and production roll-out in the hands of industrial engineering experts with in-depth knowledge of the project.