Business And Industry

We understands that in today’s market place, delivering exceptional and cost effective catering services to your employees does not come without proactive planning and management. Catering is more than a simple meal experience; it is an expression of your organization’s passion and commitment to its people and customers. A good food service should work in harmony with your business activities, environment and culture.

We bring in the expertise in supporting clients to develop their service via tangible improvements in quality and significant reductions in cost or increases in profit. We can work with you across a number of different areas and create a catering strategy that works for both the customers and you the client.

We are happy to help with any problems you may encounter or projects that you may need support with. Some of the key catering consultancy services that we offer are:

  • Reviews; value-for-money, financial, strategic, environmental impact
  • Bid management; expert input into specific stages or management of the whole process
  • Auditing and monitoring; financial including budget negotiation, compliancy, development of key performance indicators, ‘mystery shopper’ customer surveys
  • Procurement; food purchasing, vending, equipment and supplies, shopping baskets, ethical and environmental purchasing
  • Project management; design and planning, equipment advice, in-house catering strategy formulation, brand and marketing management
  • Training; food safety, nutrition, food allergens and intolerances, health and safety, food and menu development, management development, customer service skills
  • Food safety; development of HACCP systems, kitchen and server auditing, supplier auditing, advice and policy formulation
  • Health and safety; premises auditing, supplier auditing, advice and policy formulation

In addition to catering consultancy, we are also experienced in offering a wide range of support and advice to clients in business and industry in the following services:

  • Security
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Interior planting
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Building maintenance
  • Construction Support
  • Audit and monitoring
  • Technical Training
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Expansion and remote management
  • Food Services management nutrition
  • Manufacturing