Security Management

We understand security and safety concerns for remote operations across the globe. Our team working with our security partners help our corporate clients to measure and manage risk. Our combination of services provides clients with a holistic approach to enabling their business and protecting key assets such as people, reputation, networks and share value.

We work closely with clients to help them make the most appropriate choices, and to ensure that all family members and assets are well looked after. Core services include:

Security Services

With security at the heart of family life for many of our clients, we consider a range of risk areas to design the most appropriate security strategies for their specific needs.

We provide four core services:

  • Security & Lifestyle Review: We assess the threats to an individual and their family, providing a solid foundation for all Family and Security services.
  • Close Protection: In high profile or high threat situations, our experienced close protection officers (CPOs) discreetly assist clients in continuing their lives as normal. Our CPOs have Special Forces backgrounds and are trained to UK Security Industry Authority standards.
  • Crisis & Reputation Management: We create plans for our clients in advance of any possible personal or family crisis: from a property break-in to a sudden death in the family or a kidnapping. Our team provides comprehensive, rapid and effective assistance when crises do arise.
  • Surveillance & Bug Sweeps: Our clients use us to manage security upgrades to their properties, and to advise them on their day-to-day security concerns.

These core capabilities are enhanced by:

  • Security Awareness & First Aid Courses
  • Salamanca Group Emergency 24/7 Hotline
  • High Speed & Extreme Environment Driver Training
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Kidnap for Ransom & other Contingency Planning
  • Technical Security Solutions
  • Tracking of Dependents&Assets

Lifestyle Management

We work on a one-to-one basis with clients to facilitate clients’ lifestyle requirements. Tailored services include:

  • Lifestyle Management: access to exclusive events, high-value asset acquisition
  • Luxury Travel: chartering private jets and super-yachts, create tailor made luxury travel experiences
  • Event Management: provides inspiration, plans, organizes and delivers special occasions
  • Home Management: key holding, cleaning, administration, security, 24/7 hotline
  • Staff Sourcing & Training: placement, training, contract and payroll management, immigration and visa advice

Specialist Expeditions

Expedition planning is a complicated process strewn with pitfalls and hazards. Using a broad range of expeditionary and risk management experience, Specialist Expeditions ensures that any endeavor is delivered in the most effective and enjoyable manner for the client and their family. Our team focuses on delivering unique and highly bespoke expeditionary services that focus on:

  • Any continent in the world, including the Antarctic.
  • Rainforest, mountainous, desert or marine expeditions.
  • Scientific research, adventure travel, exploration or personal endeavor expeditions.
  • Sea-going, motorized vehicle, horse/camel mounted or foot based.

We will lead and assist a client through the whole process from inception through execution and all the way to the successful conclusion. We have managed and delivered projects which have lasted from two weeks up to 18 months.