Procurement And Logistics

Our understanding of global markets provides us the ability to provide our customers procurement and logistic support that increases efficiency and identifies savings in many other key business support areas such as: air travel, computers/IT, document storage, delivery services, freight/import costs, insurance, marketing/promotions, office stationery, packaging, postage and distribution, pensions schemes, photocopiers, printing and forms, recruitment, rates, repairs and maintenance, security/cash handling, telecoms, transport, utilities, waste disposal.


Our independent status allows us to work with a number of purchasing groups around the country, as well as researching and developing relationships with the most appropriate local and specialist suppliers for our clients. As we have a huge network across the globe, we can provide insight and support in the review of prices and suppliers means that you benefit from the most appropriate solutions at the best value-for-money.

Our procurement expertise includes:

  • Purchasing reviews and supplier sourcing - We provide support services in the analysis of current prices, logistics and quality, benchmarking against current industry rates and local suppliers to provide recommendations for new suppliers or renegotiations with existing ones that will increase quality and service levels and reduce costs.
  • Supplier offers and bids-We bring the insight of local pricing and competition, we can provide support in the analysis to help in the selecting of the most appropriate and competitive suppliers for a specific location, region or global needs.
  • Supplier Auditing- At times it is critical to inspect/review the supplier processes and products prior to delivery to remote sites, our team can help in this process. We can work with closely with the supplier to ensure that the site follows correct local regulations and health and safety procedures standards as well as the products are meeting agreed upon specifications.
  • Equipment purchasing-Where you have your own suppliers, or you need to find suppliers with proven track record, our team can work with you to help identify , purchase/lease and deliver your equipment. In addition we can provide recommendations on financing as well as leasing options.

Our Logistics expertise includes:

  • Medical Logistics and Management- We bring the expertise of establishing and setting remote medical services. Our services ensures that the right equipment and facilities are available to help you support your mission as well as provide the medical services needed to your teams on the ground.
  • Supply Chain Management – Our support includes material handling, warehousing, shipping, transportation, customer service, project supervision and general supply support. Additionally, we conduct technical screening and stock checks, process invoices and issues, expedite and research material, and perform material kitting services.
  • Transportation Management and Shipping - We are experts at helping our customers assure that material is available when and where it is needed. From meeting routine transportation requirements to handling emergency shipments, we facilitate the process. By air, rail, ocean and highway, if a way exists to make the delivery, we find it.
  • Inventory and Material Management – Our expertise and the capabilities to effectively and efficiently support your readiness requirements. Our services and support ensure that material is available when and where it is needed — and that your maintenance infrastructure meets all program and mission objectives.
  • Acquisition and Sustainment - Logistic support is evolving to a higher level of integrated support from the earliest stages of an acquisition program development through delivery, fielding, operational support and finally disposal. We bring in the expertise and resources to support you throughout the life-cycle of your projects.