Food Service Management

We connect people’s needs with a design that contributes to the success of their food service or dining facility.

We work with Architects, Owners, and Food service Operators in planning a wide range of food service facility types. We routinely provide these services: programming, master planning, schematic design, design development, contract documents, and to insure conformance to the design and specifications, services during construction.

We are often engaged to provide services other than the planning of the food service physical plant. Whether it is the development of food service concepts, preparation of a formal Request for Proposal for an organization to operate your employee dining facility, or staffing studies and financial projections to test a concept’s theoretical viability, our team can assist you, either with our own resources or those of partner consulting firms.

Good design makes life better. Whether the design is for a dining customer or a chef, food service environments that are well designed are easier to navigate, work in, and enjoy.

  • Design Program and Schematic Plan – Our team works with the design team members to understand the goals and needs of the food service operation. This early programming stage of a project is critical to the success of the design that will follow. The programming information is used to create a test-fit design or schematic plan.
  • Design Development – During this phase, the schematic plan is further developed into a detailed CAD drawing of the food service equipment. Each item of equipment is identified and keyed to product data sheets, utility load schedules, and preliminary budget numbers. Special conditions that affect architectural elements are identified. The design development package is typically submitted to the health department or code authorities for approval.
  • Development of Contract Documents – A complete design package including floor plans, utility connection plans, elevations and details, and final written specifications is assembled. The package may be issued to solicit preliminary pricing or competitive bids.
  • Bidding Assistance – Our team can prepare a list of qualified kitchen equipment contractors, attend pre-bid meetings with potential kitchen equipment contractors, and assist with evaluations of a line-item bids.
  • Services During Construction –Our team will remain involved in the project during construction. We are available to attend construction meetings, review contractor submittals and shop drawings for conformance to the contract documents, and assist with preparation of requests for information. Once the food service areas are substantially complete, we will inspect the food service equipment and installation methods, and issue a formal written report to the design or design/build team for their use in accepting the project from the contractor.