Catering in the further and higher education sector sits in a highly competitive market. Today’s students are very discerning and therefore it is important that a School, University or College can offer a fresh, exciting and up to date service that will actively compete with the high street, as well as positively enhancing the ‘Student Experience’.

Our consultants has worked with many education clients and can tailor services to suit you, whether that is support in a bid process, or undertaking a strategic review of the in-house service, to develop a forward thinking strategy for catering in the future.

We can also provide support in the following areas:

  • Catering Project management and design
  • Catering Reviews – including value for money, cost saving and profit maximization
  • Food safety auditing
  • Food safety training – both certificated and bespoke in house packages
  • Marketing support, social media and high street branding advice
  • Catering Customer surveys and mystery shopping
  • Menu analysis
  • Food & Services Purchasing – including pricing, ethical, local and environmental procurement

Our catering consultants are experienced in the many challenges that an education establishment’s catering service can face, from the commercial constraints to provide a healthy and nutritionally complaint menu, to the need for high street style food concepts.

We provide a wide range of services for Academies, and as an independent company, our loyalty lies with you so we will develop the best strategy for each individual establishment on a case by case basis.