Food And Nutrition

Today, the landscape for food service providers is constantly shifting and presenting new challenges. We are here to help you and your organization address them.

Consumers increasingly demand healthy menu options when eating out. Global Legislative mandates require greater transparency on the nutritional content from food service providers. And concerns about sustainability influence customers’ decisions when choosing where to dine out.

Our professional consultants analyze your needs, identify your objectives and position you to maintain a competitive advantage. Our teams bring in the expertise that uniquely combine the worlds of culinary, nutrition and sustainability.

Our approach is focused on providing:

Unsurpassed culinary and nutrition experience- SPE’s Executive Chef and culinary nutritionists boast over 30 years of combined nutrition, culinary and sustainability expertise in the nutrition consulting arena. Our culinary nutritionists have trained as chefs, and therefore have an unparalleled understanding of the dynamic nature and challenges of a professional kitchen.

Nutrition Expertise- In addition to our in-house expert dietitians, we have developed a network of of leading chefs, registered dietitians and nutrition experts across the globe. We have established a set of base-line guideline in support international health standards to create a charter of guidelines and practices that form the basis of our culinary and nutritional consulting services.

Leveraging of today’s technology- We use the latest technology which leverages thousands of food items for accurate and comprehensive analysis – including information on vitamins, minerals and fatty acids (including omega-3s). We don’t just provide the numbers – we also interpret the information into a blueprint for real-world application.

A Proven and field tested approach: Our approach focuses not just on health, but also on the Sourcing, Preparing and Enhancing of food. Our approach considers ingredients, preparation and kitchen practices to accurately analyze dishes and maximize the nutritional benefit of each dish.

Additionally we provide support in:

  • Recipe and Menu Development
  • Strategic Nutritional Analysis
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Allergen and Gluten-free Expertise
  • Nutrition and Sustainability Assessment
  • Diabetics