About Us

CRM Global Manufacturing is a full-service custom manufacturer offering comprehensive manufacturing services for businesses in the automotive, tooling, textiles, and electronics and other industrial and technology related industries.


CRM Global Manufacturing, established in 2015, was founded by a team of professionals that have an in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry. Our team has developed, established and operated quality manufacturing services since 1989. CRM Global Manufacturing’s commitment is to provide customers with exceptionally high quality manufacturing services. This principle is a cornerstone of the company. CRM Global Manufacturing demonstrates CNC & manual machining, sheet metal fabricating, plastics, rapid prototyping, painting, product development, engineering design, assembly and numerous other vital manufacturing services.


CRM Global Manufacturing facility is fully equipped and located in the Upstate Region of South Carolina.

Our Philosophy

CRM Global Manufacturing is committed to “go the extra mile” and assist our customers in achieving their goals. We provide realized, value-added services, such as design assistance, value engineering, parts kitting, sub-assembly & final assembly, programmed inspection, high level buying, just-in-time delivery and much more. We are continuously monitoring our processes to ensure that we deliver on our promise to provide our clients with exceptionally high quality customer service.

At CRM Global Manufacturing, our customer service is enhanced by:

  • Providing high value-to-cost deliverables …on time.
  • Forming ongoing partnerships with customers to assist in achieving a more economical product and delivery of products to market faster.
  • Offering a diverse range of machining, fabricating and prototyping capabilities that allows for a “Single Source Solution”.
  • Investing in, and continually upgrading, our manufacturing technology.
  • Using first-rate manufacturing practices to provide “turnkey” solutions.
  • Hiring and retaining skilled, innovative and dependable craftsmen.
  • Making “precision” the most important word in our collective vocabulary.

It is this commitment to you – Our Customer – that sets us apart from our competition and maximizes the benefits you derive from our services.
Remember: when it comes to exceptionally high quality, full service manufacturing, CRM Global Manufacturing is the “Single Source Solution” for all of your manufacturing needs.


It’s one thing to invest in the latest technology, but a true full service manufacturer also understands the importance of investing in talented personnel. At CRM Global Manufacturing, we take this philosophy to heart and it shows.

Some of the most highly skilled craftsmen in the manufacturing industry work right here at CRM Global Manufacturing. Our investment in these skilled employees has allowed us to continuously provide exceptional service.

Knowing that technology is rapidly changing, each of our employees’ are committed to continuous learning & skills enhancement. We are constantly learning new, cost effective ways to perform efficiently on projects just like yours. Our people make the difference that sets us apart from our competition!